Windows Timer To Monitor and Complete Tasks On Time or Before

Today, nearly everyone of us considers ours laptops to be our best friend. It may be any kind of problem, we will get the solution through it. Time flies away at such a fast pace that we run out of our time schedule while working on it. We need to manage the time that we can spend with our system. For that, we need a tool so that we can start the timer as we start working on different programs. So, I found Jianway Desktop Timer to be a good solution. It will help you to track the time duration.

Jianway Desktop Timer is a very small freeware of 452 kb. So, you can download it very fast. Moreover, it will not take much of your computer memory. After the installation, you can use the tool following the path C:\Program Files\Jianway Ltd\Desktop Timer. But there is a bit problem, you have to follow the path every time you exit it from the system tray. The system tray will have the icon for the desktop timer as shown in the snapshot below. The one shown in green clock represents the active timer.

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You might have found various desktop timers but they are too heavy and complicated to work with. Here, you just have to right click on the icon and add the timer whenever you like to start a new one as shown.


You have to specify the name of the timer. It can be anything you like. The better way I would like to suggest is to name the timer as per the program you are using it for. Along with the name, you can mention the log notes in which you can determine the use of the timer. It is not mandatory. It is as shown in the snapshot below.


After the timer is created, start it and carry on with your work. The timer will be recording the time for you. Whenever you have to have a look the icon will be present on the system tray. It will have the stop button if your task is complete. Or you can also reset the timer.


You can add many timers as you need. Whenever you will change your project or the work you are doing, the timer can be changed. Only one timer will run at a time.

You can change the preferences as per your convenience. You can use it by the right click on the system tray icon. It can be used to perform actions like whether you need the confirmation for various steps or not. The icons you want on your system tray and many others as shown below. One of the important settings is the No active timer warn. Sometimes, if you don’t need them, they may be annoying.


Likewise, you can also manage the timers as shown below. It will show all the active and inactive timers.


You may face a problem that the timer will show the unhandled exception message. It can be easily resolved. When you will download the software, the files will be downloaded. One is for the installation purpose (setup) and another will help you to repair it.


The tool has been tested on Windows 7 so it will be compatible with all other versions. You can download the tool in two formats.

Download Jianway Desktop Timer

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