Windows Software To Download, Save Videos From Internet On Your Computer

Videos on the internet has become one of the major source of entertainment for the users of almost every age group. Various websites are available which provides the facility of watching your favourite and also the latest videos online. But, sometimes you may require that instead of buffering through the video each time you want to see it, you must be able to download the video to your system so that you can watch that video whenever you want and that too with great ease. So, for downloading these videos from the internet, there are many tools which are available for the users which can download these videos quickly for them. One such tool is newly launched 4K Video Downloader which is available as a freeware on the internet and is a cross-platform, open-source video downloading application.

4K Video Downloader is basically a video downloading software program that can work very well for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux based operating systems that supports downloading online videos from various web-sites. Although very similar to other tools of its kind, but still one can discover many new integrated options in this tool like video quality management, portability, easy to use interface, the ability to download videos in iPod format, etc. This makes this tool a much more rich application as compared to some of the other downloader of its type.


Now, in order to download your favourite videos using this smart tool, you may simply download it from the below given link. After installing the utility in your system, you need to add the Video URLs into the program by using the the Paste URL button present in the program interface. This tool also has a feature which enables the user to download multiple videos simultaneously and that too with very few clicks. Thus, it is for sure a better application for people who are having high speed internet connections, as it does not queue videos for downloading, like many other downloader of its kind. So, this leads to downloading of a small or lighter video earlier and you do not have to wait for a big or heavy download to complete for the next video to begin downloading. Or in other words we can say that if a video has a download estimated time of 10 minutes, but there is another video which is much lighter as compared to the first video and if it can be downloaded in 1 minute, then you won’t have to wait for those 10 minutes for the next video to begin downloading.



After this you can watch any of those videos right away, which you have downloaded successfully either by hanging the mouse over the video information and selecting play, or simply by right-clicking the video that you want to be played and selecting play from the context menu that appears. One more feature that comes with this tool is that you can even pause, resume, remove and copy the URL of the videos that are currently being downloaded.

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