Windows Software To Download, Save Google Books On Your Computer

Today, with the latest advancement in technology, access to everything has become instant and quick. Whether its videos, images, pictures, tutorials, books etc. everything is available on the web and can be quickly access using the internet service. As mentioned, books for almost every domain are present online in the form of e-books. Few years back, Google also launched one of its service named as Google Book Search which provides the user to have a quick access to thousands of books, magazines, and documents available online and that too for no price. The user can read any of those books, magazines or documents online, but if the user want them to read offline then there is a need for some software which allows them to download those e-books from the website and this can be saved in the system for future use and reference.

So, for this reason users demanded for some build-in feature with Google itself which can help the users to download these e-books so that the user can also read these books while traveling when there is no internet connectivity available to them. So, in this context, Google came up with their one of the finest product for serving this purpose and it is named as Google Book Downloader. It is really one of the useful tool for the users who loves reading books and want to have a complete collection of their favourite e-books. This tool allows the user to download e-books directly from Google’s website and save them directly in the system and that too in PDF format.


As said earlier that Google Books is a central and one of the greatest place to browse for books, and most of these books have links on their web pages itself in order to download them. But, Google Book Downloader is capable of doing some more things than the default download which one can do from those links. It allows the users to save these books that are available in “Full View” as PDF files to their system. For other books which are marked as ‘Limited preview’, it allows the partial downloads from Google Books. It allows the users to add multiple books to a queue in order to convert all those downloaded books to a PDF file. As we know, that normally one can’t access those books which are available in US and only for US users but it allows the user to access any book available only for the US using Geolocation.

Now, in order to make complete use of this wonderful utility named as Google Book Downloader, one can download it from the below given link. It can be downloaded from the website as an installation file or a portable version. You may observe that the program installer comes in .msi format and it can be treated similar to any of the .exe file. The system requires Windows and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 in order to install it successfully.

Google Book Downloader- Video

Google Book Downloader – Home

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