Windows Software To Alert When Website Server Goes Down or Gives Error

We use RSS feeds to monitor our favorite website for changes but this feature can’t be extended to all the websites as all the websites do not support RSS. You will have to manually monitor these websites to get updated about all the updates that happen. But now i have got a solution to your problem an application named, NotiPage. The application will help you to monitor the webpages for updates which can be related to a particular topic. The software will also allow us to define the search topic that can be monitored in a webpage update.

NotiPage 1

While installing the software you will get the option to choose the language in which you would like to install the software. You choose the language accordingly.

NotiPage 2

The above window will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software has two main toolbar option i.e. Alerts and Options. Then below the toolbar there is an icon tray which various icons to perform various important functions. The first icon in the icon tray is used to Add new Alert, second and third icon with a green and red shutdown sign are used to Enable and Disable a selected Alert. The the fourth icon is a Settings icon, fifth icon will help you to delete an alert and sixth will help you to navigate to the webpage of the selected Alert. The last two icons are used to perform similar functions as performed by second and third icon but this time they are used to Enable and Disable all Alerts.

NotiPage 3

The Options toolbar contains the options like New Alert, Enable this Alert, Disable this Alert, Properties of this Alert, Delete this alert, Go to the Monitored webpage, Enable all Alerts and Disable all Alerts. The New Alert will allow you add a new alert to monitor a webpage for particular search words. Enable this Alert and Disable this Alert is used to Enable and Disable a selected Alert. Properties of this Alert option will help you to modify the properties of an alert after you add the Alert. Delete this Alert is used to delete the selected alert. Go to the Monitored webpage options is used to go the webpage that we are monitoring. Enable all Alerts and Disable all Alerts are used to enable and disable all alerts  respectively.

NotiPage 4

Options menu has options like Language, Proxy Server and Clear the Cache. Language option is used to select the preferred language. Proxy server option is used to configure the settings for proxy server and Clear the Cache option is used to clear the cache.

NotiPage 5

The above window is used to add the alerts to monitor the webpages you can add the name of the alert in Alert Name textbox, URL of the webpage that you have to monitor in Monitored Webpage textbox. Then you have the options to select the Monitoring Type, Search options, Type words to search in the Search Engine, Word appearance ,Type of alert and Monitoring Rate.

Download Notipage.

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