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Most of the times, I have faced an issue that due to incompatibility with LAN drivers sometimes my audio driver would automatically stop and then it will become impossible for me to listen any sound on my system. To solve this problem, I was supposed to go to Services windows, where I again started the audio driver myself. If you are facing the same problem or you want to monitor that whether all the drivers are working fine or not then I have a tool for which can do this for you quite smartly, you can call this tool as ServiWin.


You can see the screenshot right above here that all the names of the drivers are displayed in list and there status is also mentioned whether they running or they are Stop. Once you go to the context menu of any of the drivers listed on the application windows, you will see an option named properties where all the properties of that particular driver are listed there. Now you can also change the status of the driver like you can make it to Stop, restart or Continue.


You can create the report of that particular driver or you can select all the drivers available on the list. Now these functionalities are also common for all the services which are available in that tool, you will see that there is a button named Services in the toolbar mentioned below the menu bar of the application window. That list will include all the list of the services which are available on your system, you can Stop them, Start them or you can create an HTML report for them.

Other than these common operations, you can search about them on Google directly from an option available in the context menu, You can take a look at all the options in context menu under a screenshot mentioned above. The size of this tool is around 70 KBs and this tool is portable. It has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So if you face any issues while using then please let us know.

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