Windows Security Essentials Is Best Antivirus For Small Businesses

Even after the release of Windows 7 people we not ready to leave Windows XP but when people started using this new OS, they got addicted to it because of its high level features. As compared to last year the number of users switching to Windows 7 has increased a lot and there are several reasons behind it. One of the most reasons was the offering of the free version of Windows Security Essentials and let me tell you that really helped Microsoft to increase the sales of Windows 7 and the decrease the piracy in Windows OS. In this post I will be telling you that How Microsoft has targeted the small business firms to increase their sales of Windows by Windows Security Essentials.


Undoubtedly, nowadays people prefer to keep their laptops and PC secure from internet by avoiding the attack from viruses and malware. Microsoft initially launched an offer to provide the users with the original Windows Security Essentials pack with very original Windows 7 pack and this really boomed up their sales and popularity among the users. Now Microsoft has planned to distribute the same offer for small business firms, by offering them Windows Security essentials which will cover up 50 PCs and 1 server system.

This offer will be valid till 31st of December, 2010 as it has been started from 1st November, 2010. So, if any firm goes for buying a Windows 7 professional for its firm then they will be given this extended offer of Windows Security Essentials. Now this offer is quite luring due to the current need of high security for the valuable data.

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