Windows Right Click Menu Shortcuts To Restart, Shutdown or Hibernate

Firstly, if you have got the title right then you should know that this tweak works in both windows 8 and windows 7 and to make it more clear, this windows tweaks a new power menu option which provides windows right click menu shortcuts to restart, shutdown or hibernate.

Add Shutdown Menu Options In Right Click Menu

This tweak developed by AskVG who is famous for his great windows tweaks, it is based on the need of every user wants to restart, shutdown and hibernate windows as quickly as easy as possible it can be. As per me the best way to do it in any version of windows including windows 8, 7, vista and xp is that – minimize every running app or software or press windows + d to show the desktop and then press ALT + F4 or press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to bring the dialog to shutdown, restart or hibernate windows as shown in the image below.

windows shutdown dialog

Now another easy way to do this, is to add these shutdown, restart or hibernate options in right click menu as power menu as shown in the image below.

Windows Right Click Shutdown

In order to add this menu in right click windows desktop menu, download the Registry file zip archive and run the extracted "Add Power Menu.REG" file. It’ll ask for confirmation, accept it.

registry add confirmation prompt

At any point of time if you want to remove this windows shutdown menu options in right click, extract the file in the same archive called Remove Power Menu and again you need to confirm the new registry editing and that’s it – the menu option will be removed instantly, you can right click on empty area of desktop to check the same.

Tip: If you are looking on how to create the desktop shortcuts for restart, shutdown or hibernate then read our guide we posted previously.

Adding Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate Tiles On Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are looking how to pin shutdown, restart or hibernate to windows 8 start screen then you should follow this guide by HowToGeek. 

[ Tip Via AskVG ]

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