Windows Phone 7 – Which Live Id To Use On It ?

Windows Phone 7 is going to rock, I am excited to get one in my hands as looks so cool and fast enough and has all the great features of a smartphone. Each windows phone 7 device will require you to enter a live id to use to store all your contacts, messages and other settings and data related to the phone.

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Today we will tell you how can you select which windows live id you should use on your windows phone 7 device, read on further to know which live id you should use on windows phone 7 device because it is not easy to change the live id on windows phone 7 so make the decision wisely.

If you have more than one Windows Live ID, you’ll need to choose just one to sign in on your phone. Some IDs are harder to change than others, and once you sign in you can’t change your mind (at least not without the possibility of lost information or purchases). So here are some suggestions to help you decide which one to use.


If you sign in with the email address you use for your gamertag, you get your Gamerscore, avatar, and all of your achievements on your phone. When you play games on the phone, you’ll earn more achievements, and your Gamerscore will grow.

So if you have a gamertag, we recommend that you sign in with that email address and password, even if you have other Windows Live IDs for Zune or Hotmail.


You can add a Hotmail account on your phone any time to get all your email, contacts, and calendar. However, if you use automatic photo-sharing on your phone, your pictures will be shared to the first Windows Live ID you use to sign in on your phone. So if you already use Hotmail to share your photos, you may want to sign in with that one first.

If you sign in with your Hotmail account first, it may not be possible to merge your Xbox LIVE account with your Hotmail account. So if you have an Xbox LIVE account, we still recommend that you sign in with that first.

Zune Tag

If you use a Zune Pass or have lots of Zune friends, then you should consider using the email address and password you sign in with on Zune. If not, don’t worry about using your Zune Tag because the MP3s you bought will just work, even if you sign in with a different Windows Live ID.

If you use different email addresses for your Xbox LIVE gamertag and Zune Tag

It’s not possible to merge your Xbox LIVE account with your Zune account. So we recommend that you sign in with your Xbox LIVE account on the phone, then cancel your current Zune account and create a new one using the same Windows Live ID you use for your gamertag.


Some of the features or services discussed in this article may not be available in your country or region.

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