Windows Phone 7 – Use Voice or Speech To Control It and Do Tasks On It

Speech recognition is one of the main feature of windows phone 7, It is one of the hidden gems on Windows Phone. Many of the things you do day-to-day on your phone can be accomplished using only your voice.

To open Speech, press and hold the Start button on your phone.


When you have opened speech, the phone will start listening to your voice commands, following are some voice commands you can use on your windows phone 7

Call someone from your contact list

“Call contact name”

(where contact name is the name of someone in your contact list)

Call any phone number

“Call phone number”

(where phone number is any phone number, whether it belongs to a contact or not)

Search the web

“Find search term” or “Search for search term”

(where search term is the term you want to search the web with)

Open an application

“Open application” or “Start application”

(where application is the name of any application on your phone, such as “Calendar,” “Maps” or “Music”)

For Example

“Call Sean Bentley”

If Sean Bentley has only one phone number in your contact card, the call will start. If he has multiple phone numbers, you’ll see an option to choose one.

“Call Sean Bentley mobile”

This will call Sean Bentley’s mobile phone number.

“Find local pizza”

This will perform a Bing search for “local pizza” which will bring up a map of pizza places in your area.

“Open Music”

This will open Music + Videos.

When you’ve finished talking, press Go or simply wait a couple of seconds.


  • If you want to cancel, press the Back button on your phone.
  • Using your voice to make a phone call also works through a Bluetooth headset.

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