Windows Phone 7 Series OS Installed On HTC HD2

It looks really amazing to see windows 7 phone series OS running in HTC HD2, as per the information from Microsoft HTC cannot get updated to latest windows 7 phone OS due to incompatible hardware but it seems that some Russian project guys made it possible as they have posted the screenshots and a video which shows windows 7 os running in HTC HD2.

Almost everything on htc hd2 was working which includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc, but as seen in the video below there is UI Lag. But its ok as it is running a earlier build windows 7 phone series OS, so it should improve with time.

So in future you will surely get a Custom ROM which will allow you to run windows 7 series OS on HTC HD2

[ Source – RedmondPie via HTCPedia ]

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