Windows Phone 7 Series Detailed Overview [ Extended Review ]

Microsoft has revealed their new windows phone 7 series device at Mobile World Congress 2010. Windows Phone 7 seems to be next generation device which seems to have taken a big jump in the smart phone area. Almost every one has a positive review about windows phone 7 series till now, it seems to be a great operating system for windows mobile which is expected a different true really fresh kind of experience to the users.    

Windows phone 7 series interface is inspired from Zune HD, at the first look any one would call it a Zune Phone. It seems to provide a mix form of multitasking in which every application is running simultaneously on windows phone 7 series, the only negative thing one could notice now are some few graphic glitches when you navigate through different sections of the phone which are called different hubs but as the this could be the early build so they wont be their in the final build in windows 7 series phones which will released by the later end of this year 2010

Home Screen aka Start Screen

It is graphical arrangement of rectangular and square shaped boxes called Live Tiles which present a good information about anything you are going to initiate with these tiles.


You can launch items at start screen, or pin people to call, get the latest information about their social activity and lot more, this start screen is vertically long as you can have a large number as live tiles in a vertical manner.

People Hub -  It list out all your contacts and other people whom you are following you for updates from various social networks like twitter, facebook and windows live network. It features a live feed of the latest updates from contacts into the people hub.


Pictures Hub – The pictures hub features the photo albums from PCs, Web services like flickr, picasa etc and it supports features like multi touch, swipe across pictures and pinch to zoom.


Office Hub – It provides you with quick access to documents and the SharePoint services across the Microsoft network, it has one note and other office application needed for business users.


Music+Video Hub – The music and video hub is the beauty of Windows Phone 7, the device seamlessly syncs like a Zune HD to the Zune Software installed on a desktop PC


Games Hub - Windows Phone 7 seems to be fully integrated with the Xbox LIVE network, how ever which games will be available to play on windows phone 7 and how this will work in real is still a question ?


App Store ? – Although Microsoft did not talked anything about any app store, but it looks like there will be a dedicated market place which will there in windows 7 series phones to get applications directly on the device, there will be an announcement about this in the annual MIX 2010 conference next month.

Conclusion – Windows 7 Series seems to be really exciting when it comes to awesome multitasking of applications, unique very useful user interface and seems to have a bright future. They have completely revolutionized the way windows phone used to work and display. Windows 7 Series phones will be launched in the holiday season near december or november. Still, there is more to be expected to come out about windows 7 series app store in the coming conference next month called MIX 2010 

Can Old Windows Phone be Upgraded To Windows 7 Series OS ? – Cant say, this is still a question – they have not cleared this question.

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