Windows Phone 7 – Search, Download Apps With Bing Visual Search

The Microsoft’s long waited mobile operating system Windows Mobile 7 has officially released in many parts of the world and it will surely going to compete the modern rivals iOS and Android. If you own Windows Phone 7 and you are facing problems in finding the desired applications, games and other stuff from your WP7 or you don’t want to waste your time in searching the market in finding some great stuffs, then today we are going to provide a quick solution for all your needs.

You can search for applications, games and other stuff from your Windows Phone 7 only, but I probably feels searching on small mobile phone’s screen is not convenient. So a perfect solution for all your need is by using Bing. Well Bing is a Visual Search from where you can find every possible stuff for your windows Phone 7 on your desktop only and it will not only be convenient in viewing stuff in bigger screen, but will even save your lots of time.

To start using Bing, you will need to open this link. It will then direct you to the page as shown below.

12-11-2010 14-53-13

From this page you can customize your search easily according to your needs. On the left side of the page, you are given choice to sort the applications available on this link by the genre like Business, Entertainment, Photo etc. Just place the tick mark on desired check boxes and then it will display the applications related to those genre only. There are 16 Categories and 25 Subcategories through which you can easily refine your search.

Presently there are 1911 applications available on this page and it is keep on updating lots of applications on the daily basis. I am sure you will find every possible useful stuff for your WM7 from this page. On the top, there is also options available using which you can browse applications using the status of them i.e Top 25 Rated applications, Top 25 Free or Paid applications or Top 25 Most downloaded applications.

You can even refine your search in the price range and it is pretty cool feature as you will only find application which are lying under your budget.

12-11-2010 15-05-18

When you click on any applications, you will find all the necessary details i.e ratings, descriptions, images, cost etc. regarding that applications. The information given about every application is very useful because it gives you all the description and review before you plan to buy any application.

12-11-2010 15-07-20

When you click on the button where the total number of apps are listed, your screen will be filled with application icons, which you can sort by name, release date, rating, or download rank. In other words, you can slice and dice the apps in any way you could ever want. The billing of applications just requires credit card or net banking account to buy then and unlike the Apple and Android markets where you are required special iTunes account or Google Checkout account, you can purchase any applications easily.


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