Windows Phone 7 Marketplace DRM Security Breached & Exploited By Hackers

Today, we published that Hackulous has already got their tool ready and now they are just waiting for the right time. Today something similar has happened with Windows Phone Marketplace and now they are also worried about their tools from getting cracked, it was not expected that a company like Microsoft who is handling that App Store will be attacked so easily. In this post I will be telling you more about this threat and how it was so easy for them to attack their marketplace.


Experts have been informing Microsoft from time to time that breaking their DRM is very easy and they have been continuously telling them to tighten up the security of their application. It seems that Microsoft kept on ignoring them and then a product like Chevron was developed which was successful in unlocking this new OS. Now that simple application development gave a basis to the other developers to crack the other applications and the tools from App Store easily.

Many of the developers have claimed that it is really easy to crack the XAP files which are generally used in that Windows Phone 7, though they also offered their help in making it secure but Microsoft never laid their ears to this and finally this day came when the DRM security of their market place has been cracked. This kind of story is common for all the application produced by Microsoft whether it is their Microsoft Office or their Operating System of PCs or laptops. I hope that now they will be conscious about this and then take the necessary preventive measures to stop from happening it again else this new production of this new mobile OS will be of no good reason.

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