Windows Phone 7 – How To Do Conference Calls

Like any other smart phone out there, Windows Phone 7 can be used for conference calls which means you can talk to two or more people at the same time. The maximum number of people you can have on a conference call varies by mobile operator.

Follow the to know to how to make a conference call and how to have a private conversation with some one during a conference call.

To make a conference call

1. On Start, tap Phone.

2. To call someone, do one of the following:

Tap Keypad, enter a phone number, and then tap Call.

Tap People, tap the person you want to call, and then tap the number to call.

In Call history, tap Call to call the person back at the current number, or tap their name, and then tap another number.

3. During a call, tap the Down arrow.

4. Tap Add call.

5. Repeat step 2 to call someone else.

6. Tap Merge calls.

The word Conference appears near the top.

7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to add more people to the conference call.

8. Tap End call to end the conference call and hang up.


  • To hear the conference call on speaker, tap Speaker.
  • To mute your phone when you just want to listen in on a conference call, tapMute.

To have a private conversation with someone during a conference call

During a conference call, you can have a private conversation with one person on the call. The other people can’t hear you until you merge everyone back onto the conference call.

1. During a conference call, tap Private.

2. Tap the person’s name or phone number to have a private conversation with them.Their name or phone number appears near the top of the screen. The other people on the conference call won’t be able to hear your conversation.

3. Tap Merge calls to merge the other people back and continue the conference call.

4. Tap End call to end the conference call and hang up.


To make and receive phone calls, you must have an account with a mobile phone operator, as well as a working cellular network in your current location.

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