Windows Phone 7 – Will Get Jailbroken Soon

Hey!! All today I will be sharing great news with you though it is not good for Microsoft but it is good news for you. You must have heard about the latest Mobile operating System developed by Microsoft, it is named Windows Phone 7 and you might know that this operating system was developed from scratch. So, most of us were not planning go for this OS because till now no one discovered a way to jail break and we also know that there is no fun in handling a phone till the phone OS has been jailbreak. In this post I will be telling you about the certainty of getting you Windows Phone 7 OS jailbreak.


An Australian developer or hacker named as Chris Walshie has already came with a way to run an application which has complete access to the native code and the registry in Windows Phone 7 OS. Now it is not good news for Microsoft as they will be not expecting this news to spread like a fire, it’s like their first all-over developed OS and then will not tolerate it to jailbreak at such an early period of time.

The only idea which I can give you is about the DLL file “Microsoft.Phone.Interopservice”, if you will access this file you will get the access to the complete native code and registry. So, you just need to develop an application which will access this DLL and then you will be able to side-lad the application (though it sounds easy but I know about its complexity ;)). I am sure that Windows Phone 7 is not too far from getting jailbreak and I suppose once a small vulnerability has been detected there will not be any problem to get the complete jailbreaking done.

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