Windows Phone 7 – Delete, Remove Applications & Games Installed

Windows Phone 7  seems to be a great revolutionary OS which has brought a great change in the world of windows mobiles, I have been dying to get a windows phone 7 since the day it has been launched, seems like we will get a windows phone 7 for review soon.

In case of windows phone 7, phone applications and games synchronize directly with your phone and are not part of your media collection in the Zune software on your computer. If you delete an application or game from your phone, you can reinstall it without purchasing it again, as long as the developer continues to include it in Marketplace.

When you press Buy, you’ll see information in the Purchase Confirmation screen that you’ve already purchased this application or game and you’ll have the option to install it again. This is one good feature which I like as it does not happen in the case with my iPhone 4 with apple app store which does not allow me to download a already downloaded application.

To delete applications

1. From Start, flick left to the Applications list.

2. Press and hold an application, then press Uninstall.

To delete games

1. From Start , press Games.

2. In Collection, press and hold a game and then press Delete.

We hope the above tutorial could have been helpful for you, please let us know if you have any other problem related to windows phone 7 we would love to help you


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