Windows Phone 7 Comes Out To Rock

We all are familiar with the products of Windows when we work on our PCs or laptops as we generally work on the platform of Windows OS. Microsoft is the key player in the market regarding the computer OS development. But when it comes to the mobile technology then things are not the same. You all must be knowing that till now Google has acquired the market of Operating System for mobile phones with its mobile OS named as Android. Even in the present scenario Google is leading the market in the production of mobile OS, it is highly liked by all the mobile users and so Android tops the chart.

Windows recently took a step to release the new version of the Operating system which it has been developing consistently for the different mobile users. The OS is generally called as Windows Phone OS and the version which has been released newly has been named as Windows phone 7 and this has been assures that it will be quite better than any other version. So, with this release of OS by Windows will be giving a nice competition to Android. Windows OS for the mobile is also good as compared to Google.

The best part of this new version is that this OS has been developed keeping in mind about the gaming option which has been introduced in this version of OS by Windows, you can very well enjoy the games on your phone like you can go for Need For Speed SHIFT, the Tetris or the SIMS3 and all of this is possible due to the games generated by EA sports and the ability of Microsoft to let its users feel the X-box on their hands. Many of the famous brands like A AT&T, Vodafone, HTC, LG, Samsnug and many more have introduced new phones with this OS in different parts of company like North America, Australia, Singapore, Europe and few more which are already lined up with the production of their new phone model equipped with newly released Windows Phone 7.

I hope that this edition might help Microsoft to cover up the competition and then we are always out there to help you all to get the complete information related this news. Meanwhile if you get anything to know which can be added in this article then please let it be mentioned in the comments. We will be glad to share them with all the other readers. Have a nice day!!!!

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