Windows Phone 7 – Back, Start and Search Button Explained

Windows Phone 7 is all together new approach towards windows phones, all the windows phone 7 will have 3 common buttons which helps you getting started with it. These buttons or functions forms the basis of windows phone 7.

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Following is the descriptive information about these Back, Start and Search buttons on windows phone 7, which helps you understand them better.

Back – The Back button, as you might expect, takes you back one screen from where you are. Your phone remembers all the applications and websites you’ve visited since the last time your screen was locked and will take you back one page each time you press Back, until you get to the Start screen.

The one exception is when you’re in Internet Explorer Mobile. If you’re browsing the web and press Back, you’ll return to the previous webpage you visited, rather than to the previous application. But once you’re out of it, Back goes back to taking you back again.

Start and Speech

With the Start button, you get a two-for-one deal. Whenever you press Start, you go back to Start, no matter where you are or what you’re doing on your phone (as long as it isn’t locked). Although, if you press and hold the Start button, you’ll activate Speech.


You can use the Search button to find what you need, anywhere on the phone. Need to find something on the web? Press Search from Start or in Internet Explorer. Looking for a contact? Press Search from the People hub. Trying to find a particular application? Press Search in Marketplace.


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