Windows Phone 7 – 8+ Battery Saving Tips

Windows Phone 7 battery can really drain very fast specially if you are using windows phone 7 which has a big touch screen, To make the battery in your Windows Phone last longer between charges, you can do a lot. Here are some battery-saving tips to help you get started. The key is to find the balance between getting the most out of your phone while getting the battery life you need.

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Reduce The Time Before Windows Phone Screen Turns Off Due To Idle

Set a shorter Screen time-out duration and set your phone to lock. This helps save battery power and also prevents your phone from turning on by accident when you put it away.

Lower the brightness setting

On Start, flick left to the App list and tap Settings. Tap Brightness, turn off Automatically adjust, and then select the Level that you want to use instead.

Use a dark background theme

On Start, flick left to the App list and tap Settings . Tap Theme, tap Background, and then tap Dark.

Sync music and pictures at your computer

When you’re at your computer, connect your phone and sync your favorite music and pictures to it using Zune software. To learn more, see Sync files with my phone. You can then enjoy your favorite pictures and songs on your phone, even if you’re in an area with poor reception. If you listen to your playlists with the screen turned off, make sure that the current playlist doesn’t include streaming items.

Of course there’s a lot of music out there that might not be in your collection, and streaming lets you enjoy new stuff while you’re on the go. But if your battery is running low or you can’t be around a computer or an outlet, avoid long periods of streaming music because it uses more power. And if you’re not a Zune Pass subscriber, you can turn off Connect with Zune.

Turn off connections you’re not using

When Bluetooth is turned on, your phone checks continuously for available accessories. So if you’re not using a Bluetooth accessory with your phone, you can turn Bluetooth off. For more info, see Pair my phone with a Bluetooth accessory. Also, if you listen to music or talk on the phone for hours, try using headphones instead of a Bluetooth device. And if you are using a Bluetooth accessory or the speaker in a call, press the Power button to turn the screen off.

Not using games now? Then you can turn off the Connect to Xbox LIVE setting.

Finally, when you’re traveling outside your coverage area (and aren’t using roaming), use Airplane mode or turn off your phone. See What’s Airplane mode? to learn more.

Sync email and contacts selectively

To make your battery last a little longer, try one or more of these sync-related tips:

  • Change the sync settings for your email accounts to a longer interval, especially for secondary accounts that you don’t need to check as often. You can change the sync setting on a per-account basis. (On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings, and then tap Email & accounts. Tap the account that you want to change the sync settings for, tap Download new content, choose a longer interval, and then tap Done.)
  • If you don’t use any Windows Live services and don’t have an email account hosted by Microsoft, such as a Hotmail account, go into the Windows Live account settings and change the default sync setting to Manually.
  • Choose which contacts are synced to your phone. If your email account doesn’t include any contacts that you want to keep on your phone, you can choose to not have them synced to your phone. You can also keep your Facebook contacts separate from your other contacts too, which should help reduce the total number of contacts synced to your phone. For more info refer facebook on windows phone 7 article here.
  • Be mindful that each time you visit What’s New for People and Pictures, your phone uses extra power to sync and update.

Picture-taking tips

When you’re done taking a picture, press the Back button to exit the camera viewfinder. (You can also press the Power button to put your phone to sleep.) When the viewfinder is active, the screen stays on longer.

Also, when it’s time to upload pictures, upload only the ones you want to keep and skip those not-so-great ones. This saves power—and saves you time later when you want to sort your pics at your computer.


Do not remove or replace the battery when the phone is turned on. If you have a spare battery, turn off your phone, and then replace the battery in your phone with the spare. This helps ensure that your data is saved properly. To turn off your phone, press and hold the Power button for three seconds until the Goodbye! message appears and the screen goes dark.

Refer to the video below to know about some more windows phone 7 battery saving tips

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