Add Multiple Desktop Screens In Windows With Single Monitor

Many of the users find it difficult to manage between multiple applications if they are opened at the same time. This is because clutter of applications being used on the taskbar creates confusion. And you have to unnecessarily close the them. Sometimes this results in wastage of lot of time to close all of them and reopen them. So, the best option is to make use of virtual desktops. I have mentioned the useful freewares for this purpose. One of the handy freeware to solve your problem is Moo0 Multi Desktop.

Moo0 Multi Desktop is a small freeware of 3.21 MB. It is designed for Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7. It is a user friendly tool designed to solve your problem in a single click.The freeware will be present on your system tray as soon as you install it. It will provide you with three additional virtual desktops. Also, a bar will be displayed on your desktop as shown in the snapshot below to switch between the different desktops.


The various options available are as:

Switch between different desktops

You can switch between different desktops using the slider bar. Also the hotkeys can be used used:

Ctrl + Left/Right arrow keys

Ctrl + 1-4

You can change the hotkeys and replace Ctrl with Alt or Winkey

Show or Hide Desktop

The hotkey for this purpose is Ctrl + Up/ Down arrow keys

Change Wallpapers of Virtual Desktop

You can have different wallpapers for different desktops. The wallpapers for the original desktop can be changed as you do normally. Whereas for virtual desktop the freeware will provide you the option. The snapshot below displays all the available options. You just click on the wallpaper you want to change and browse the picture.


Desktop Bar

You can display or hide the desktop bar. Even the transparency level of the bar can be set. In case, you don’t want that your friends know about the project you are working on, you can hide the bar and switch between the desktops using hotkeys.

Other Options

The colour of the bar can be be changed. And you can choose where and how it should be displayed. All these options can be used by right click on the system tray icon.

Other Similar Freewares Available For Virtual Desktops:

  1. Deskspace: The tool not only provides multiple desktops  but also some interactive desktop features. Like you visualize your desktop in interesting 3D formats. Also, switching between the virtual desktop is like playing games. Just drag the windows and even hotkeys will work.
  2. Dexpot: The tool provides multiple options alongwith virtual desktops like full screen view of multiple desktops, different desktop previews, integrated catalogs and wallpaper options. You can find many other customizing options for your desktop.
  3. goScreen: The developer introduces the tool as switching between the desktops is like simply working with some papers. The different desktops will be displayed as pages and you select one you want to read. It also provides the 3D format.
  4. Virtual Desktop Assist: The tool is almost similar to Moo0 MultiDesktop. You can easily add multiple desktops and switch between them using the hotkeys. The different desktops can be used in different designs.


If you need a simple and light software only to switch between the desktops, you must go with Moo0 Multi Desktop or Virtual Desktop Assist. For enabling other interactive options alongwith virtual desktops, you can use Deskspace, Dexpot and goScreen. But these tools are bit heavier as compared to other two.

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