Windows Magnifier Alternative

OneLoupe is a free windows magnifier alternative program which allows you to see everything enlarged and magnified, it is very user friendly and easy to use for people who find it difficult to read small text on the computer screen. [ as shown in the image below ]


It has adjustable zoom range and zoom factor allow an individual adapt to the needs of individuals which can be changed in the file OneLoupe.ini in the same folder where OneLoup.exe is placed. It is suitable for people with visual impairments or weak eyes. The control of the zoom window is done through direct input of the keyboard and mouse motions.

You will have no problems to forward to friends, relatives or acquaintances because this small brownie is freeware, and you can make unlimited number of copies of OneLoupe and distribute to anyone you wish, Portable use is also possible.

Note: OneLoup.ini is a read only file, so make sure to remove read only before you edit it to adjust the magnifier.

Download OneLoup


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