Windows Live Spaces To Be Deleted, Users Will Be Migrated To WordPress

I think there is no need to mention that WordPress has been the most popular website for the blogging platform. Even this site also uses this platform, it has certain features like better Spam protection, great personalization and customization of the blogs as compared to the other blog platforms all over the world and if you want to know the stats then I must tell you that WordPress covers more than 250 millions bloggers and website users all over the world, which is definitely not a small number.


Now you would have got an indication that Microsoft id shutting down its blogging platform known as Windows Live space or in other words Microsoft is recommending its user to upgrade their blogs and websites with the WordPress platform.


The deadline given by Microsoft is of around 6 months, as per my point of view they have given ample amount of time to all the users to make a decision as per their convenience, but lets see what will happen next.


Not only this, but they will also be upgrading the facilities and features for all the users who were or are using Live Space and WordPress. One of the features is connecting the blog with the MSN messenger, which will help you to ping about the updates on blog to your friend and second feature is allowing you to upgrade you blog to WordPress blog, so it really saved your time in downloading the whole data and then uploading it again on a new platform.

The blogging platform provided by Microsoft covered 30 million users all over the world, but still they have arrived at a certain decision of ditching the Live Space. If any user does not upgrade, download or save the data from the blog. Then its blog will be deleted and then nothing can be recovered. Just few days back I mentioned about a news wherein Microsoft joined its search engine with Yahoo and now Live space has been merged into WordPress. Can anyone tell me what the hell Gates want?? I will say that the one-word answer will be ‘WORLD’.

Now worries, as I will be keeping you updated with the updated information related to this news as it may affect our website also ;). Meanwhile if you have any good information which should be shared then please do no hesitate to write them down in the comments sections as we will be glad to share it all the other readers.

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