Windows Live Profile Notes, Private Messages Are Discontinued, Stopped

Windows Live network is once such great network for any one, where you can get in touch with all your friends using hotmail, you can even add services like facebook, myspace, youtube etc to your profile. With time windows live network got different features like notes and private messages which were never used by real users effectively instead some spammers used to spam hotmail users.

Looks like the windows live team noticed it has now blocked or stopped both of these features including notes, private messages etc. if you open after login to your profile using your hotmail account credentials you will see the following messages at the bottom center of the page under notes section as shown in the image below.

4-24-2011 9-45-59 PM 

Similarly private messages feature is also being turned off for all hotmail users, so just in case if you have used the private messages features please save or backup your messages as private message page will be available until May 2011. If you have private messages that you want to keep, be sure to copy them to another location before then.

4-25-2011 12-49-52 AM

Both of these changes will definitely spam which you keep getting via live messenger and via notes and private messages.

[ Source TheWindowsClub ]  

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