Windows Live Photo Gallery & Foursquare Together

Microsoft has its Windows Live Photo Gallery, which helps the user to share the picture over internet. A new idea has been introduced by Microsoft using this Live Photo Gallery and that is only to help the people to take the best photograph while they are on their way to explore any city or town. This will help all the tourist to have good collection but simultaneously it is helping all the good photographers to check the best site at the place where they are at present.

Microsoft in combination with foursquare has introduced this feature, they have collected a group of experts in photography stream and then it has collected their suggestions based on different sites for different locations. Street photographer in New York City: Lorenzo Dominguez, Landscape photographer at San Francisco: Patrick Smith, image capturing and lighting at Seattle photographer: Jason Hoover and few more have been grouped together to give you the best out of the location at which you are present. They will they suggest about different views and site which are their on that location which can be captured beautifully in that camera of yours.

You will have an advantage to see those beautiful sites by your eyes and then if you want them you can capture them in your camera also, so in short it is useful for both the category of people, one who are merely roaming around to view the location and also for the professional photographers who are searching for the best location around there. In this ways all hose professional who love to collect photographs they will be under the guidance of such great photographers and all of this will be possible only when you use foursquare on your mobile for it. This was something exceptional most of us would not have thought about it but this feature will really help while we are on our way to any tourist spot.

We will try our best to keep you updated with such latest and great news as they will really help our readers to fully exploit the present technology not matter where they are and whenever they are. Meanwhile if you get to know anything related to this news then please do not hesitate while putting that down in the comments as we will be glad to share it and it will great if you can share some of the pictures snapped by you using this feature of Windows Live Photo Gallery. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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