Windows Live Messenger Will Come Pre Installed In Windows Phone 7

In this era of cut-throat competition, it really becomes difficult to take out some quality time for our loved ones. There are mobile phones, but we cant always call and talk for various reasons. Then, the IM services come into play. Like, the Windows Live Messenger has always been focused on helping you keep in touch with the people who matter most.

The Windows Phone team says – “We believe you should be able to choose the services you want to use and be able to access them from all of your devices, in a seamlessly integrated experience. And on your phone, that integrated experience should really just bring texting and IM together, so there’s only one place to go when you want to quickly chat with someone.

Windows Phone team is proud to announce the next release of Windows Phone (code named Mango) that will come with a seamless, built-in texting and IM experience powered by Windows Live Messenger.

Here are some of the features that the integrated Messenger experience will offer:

  • It’s not an app : On Windows Phone Mango release, Messenger is a built-in part of the Messaging hub, making it easier and faster to access in the most intuitive place. There’s no app to download and no separate experience to navigate.
  • Messenger chat : Chat comes with all the best features of classic Messenger like IM and presence, emoticons, and MPOP (multiple points of presence, meaning you can be online in Hotmail and on your phone at the same time). Just click on the Messaging hub and your friends’ list, personal presence, and more are right at your fingertips. It works seamlessly with any other Messenger experience your friends are using, whether it’s on the PC, in Hotmail, or on their other devices.

  • Facebook Chat : If you’re one of the more than 25 million people who’ve already connected Facebook to Windows Live, then you’re all set to use Facebook Chat from the new Windows Phone. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?
  • IM and SMS in one easy place with seamless switching : The Messaging hub is one easy place for your IM and SMS chat threads and conversation history, which appear in one simple list. When you start a new thread, Windows Phone automatically picks the richest service for you to chat with your friend.
  • Photo sharing locally or from the cloud : As you IM, you can easily insert photos into your conversation to bring it to life. Take a new photo right now, or pick from the camera roll on your phone, or share from any of your albums on SkyDrive or Facebook.

  • Group chat – Since Messenger is about friends and families, we also wanted to make sure you can connect in groups, as that’s the main point.
  • Voice to text : Say what you want to say in your own voice (and avoid texting while driving or whenever the hands are not free). The Messaging hub comes with built-in voice recognition, letting you speak your next message whether you’re using IM, SMS, or both.

All this makes it the best phone for the 300 million Messenger users around the world and we all can sense the excitement in the air.



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