Windows Live Hotmail Got New Features [ 19 May 2010 ]

Windows Live Hotmail is now getting better, there are some new changes being done to windows live mail or hotmail web interface which can make your life more simple by providing some pending but really useful features.


From today onwards the new windows live interface features will start rolling out to all the users gradually, you will get a more organised hotmail ever, you will get to upload bigger file attachments.

Following are some changes happening to hotmail, these changes will make hotmail more meaningful and productive for those who use it.

Once you are at you can quickly update your status on windows live network, moreover you will see updates in the form of new mails from your contacts, Social Updates and Flagged mails. Moreover you will see updates from friends and contacts, social network updates, shipping notices, appointments, and birthday reminders – along with a conveniently consolidated, privacy-protected stream of photos and updates from your closest friends on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and over 70 other websites

New Features Of Hotmail Includes

1. INTERGRATE several email accounts, including Gmail or Yahoo and social network updates with a single click

2. SHARE upto 10 GB of Photographs per message and videos from Bing and Windows Live SkyDrive

3. UNCLUTTER your email with features like one click sweep, highlights & conversations views

The mart new Hotmail brings together emails from other services like Gmail and Yahoo right into your Hotmail Inbox. You can stay active and connected in the social networking scene with updates from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and Live Messenger integration all within your inbox.

The new smart interface helps make a clutter-free inbox with features such as:

  • With conversation view never lose a chain of thought or let emails be all over the place
  • One click sweep which allows consumers to take bulk action to clean, delete or organize emails into folders
  • With Automated highlights users can immediately see if they have new e-mail from friends, social network updates, shipments, appointments and birthday reminders — all in a single glance on logging in
  • Categorization of email which saves precious time wasted by sifting through emails.

Underneath the neat intuitive interface lies a secure emailing experience through:

  • Powerful new spam filters: which the new Hotmail has to help combat spammer infrastructure head-on, which makes sending spam more difficult, and helps cut down on spam.
  • Microsoft SmartScreen: that helps intuitively distinguish between legitimate e-mail messages and spam
  • Trusted Senders a feature that will visually demarcate e-mails in inboxes from specific senders that it recognizes as legitimate, helping users easily tell the good from the scams with a safety logo next to messages from Trusted Senders.

To All Hotmail Users – All these changes will be rolled out across all the users of hotmail slowly and gradually, and the new version of live messenger which will provide better integration is going to be released soon, till then you can see a preview of both on the links below.

Check out some snapshots which could give a glimpse of all these new features.

Hotmail_new_features hotmail1 hotmail2 hotmail3 hotmail4 hotmail5 hotmail6

Checkout New Hotmail Preview Here | Checkout New Windows Live Messenger Preview Here

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