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Windows 7 is equipped with exciting new looks and features and it has been appreciated worldwide, but still there is not much modification done to run any applications or create  shortcuts. Same as earlier Windows, every application creates a desktop shortcut which can be used to access them. But problem occurs if you install too many applications.

So when you install number of applications, your desktop gets flooded with icons and looks very messy. So you often delete some of them and then the only way to access those applications is through Start Menu. It is very tedious and time consuming to access your most frequently used software from Start Menu. There is also no possible way to create shortcuts for your frequent use files, folders and other stuff.

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So today we are going to tell you about a tool named Typhoeus Hotkeys. It is a freeware utility and it allows you to open your files, programs and documents quickly by creating easily accessible shortcuts with your keyboard. It is very handy in accessing anything in your system quickly. You can see the main window of this utility in the above snapshot.

Hotkey is a keyboard shortcut which you can define for any desired application, file, folder or and other stuff. To create a Hotkey, click on Create a Hotkey at the main window and then this tool will show you the following window.

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From here first you will need to give the name of the Hotkey in the first box. You can choose any desired name. In next box, browse to the location of that particular application or file and then click on it. It’s path will then automatically gets added in this box. Now from the Combination choose the type of Hotkey i.e either Letter or Number. Then from adjacent box, choose desired hotkey. Once done with all setting, click on Save Hotkey.

Now simply close this application and then this tool will run in background in your system tray.

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To see all the Hotkeys save in this tool, click on second option given at main window. From here you can Create, Edit or Delete any Hotkey.

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The next option given is to save the backup of your Hotkeys to any desired location for future references. Click on Create to create a backup of Hotkeys on your Hard Drive.

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Next option is to customize the settings of this tool. From Behaviours, you can make this tool to auto boot at the Start-up and you can even click on Auto Update if you want this tool to search for update and notify you about same automatically.

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To use this tool simply close it and then whenever you want to open any application or files whose Hotkeys you have saved in this tool, simply click on this tool’s icon from system tray. This tool will start and the time counter in form of green bar begins to progress. During this duration, you can simply type the defined Hotkey from keyboard to open that particular application or files.

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The size of Typhoeus Hotkeys is just 771 Kb and it will pin itself in system tray from where you can access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and requires .Net Frameworks version 4.0 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Typhoeus Hotkeys

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