Windows Font Viewer [ For All Windows Versions ]

Many times you may realize that windows should have in built font manager program for windows, which allows you to see and browse all the fonts installed, install more fonts, find duplicate fonts etc. But windows does not have any font manager program in built. Here is a free program called NexusFont which solves this problem as it allows you to compare many fonts at once in a single window and have many features which should be there in a font manager program.


You do lot more other things with free third party font manager which works much more than a font viewer. It supports following fonts TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type1 support and following functions Install/Uninstall Fonts, Find Duplicate Fonts, Print, Export as Images, Anti-Aliasing, Rename, Multi-Language support.

You print a custom text of your own in all the fonts installed on your computer to select font type you want and print single custom text in all fonts on paper or preview it on your computer.


It works on all windows operating system versions, we have tested it in windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

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Download NexusFont

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