Windows Fast Quick Shortcuts To Open Files and Folders Quickly Using Folder Bookmarks

Sometimes in our computer we have a lot of important data including files and folder put in a lot of different locations. Sometimes it can get tiring for us to remember and navigate to all those locations, if we are using the same files and folders too frequently and they are located in a complex directory structure . But now I have got a solution to your problem an application named Folders Bookmarks. This software will allow you to open a file or a folder quickly without navigating to their original location in the directory structure. You will just have to create a bookmark of the file or the folder using the tool and then double click it to open that particular file or folder.

Folder Bookmarks 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software has various options in the Actions panel i.e. Open, Add, Delete, Edit, Send to, Search and Options.

Folder Bookmarks 4

The Open option has three options i.e Open Bookmark, Open Parent Folder and Open All. You can open the selected file or folder using the Open Bookmark option, you can open the Parent Folder of the selected file or folder using the Open Parent Folder option. You can open all the Bookmarked files and folders using the Open All option. Using the Add option you can Add a file or a folder as a bookmark to this tool and you can also specify the category under which you want to add it. In the above screenshot I have made three categories i.e. Work, Songs and Photos for different files and folders. The other option in the Action panel like Delete, Edit, Send To and Search are used to make the required changes to the selected files and folders.

Folder Bookmarks 2

Using the search window you can search for a particular file or a folder in all the files or folders that have been added to the software.

Folder Bookmarks 3

The Options pop up has options like Category manager, Archive Manager, Check Database, Folder Bookmarks homepage, Check for Updates, Send Feedback, Help, Settings, Hide and Exit. The category will help you manage all the category’s that you have created. Using Category Manager you can move a category Up or Down Delete a category or Add a new category. Using Archive Manager You can Manage the Archives. Settings options will help you to change the icon size and the type of view.

Download Folder Bookmarks.

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