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Technology is evolving with every second passing by and so are the computers. With the fastest computers in the market every buyer thinks of buying spacious Hard drives as well, which could store data upto 1 TB(1024 GB) or even more. Storing more data in your hard drive is not a problem but managing it is certainly a tedious work.

If some files are lying in one partition, and one wishes to transfer it to another then he/she certainly will follow the traditional method of opening several windows at once, of all those files which need to be transferred and the partition to which they are to be transferred.

Clicking on each window separately and then copying or pasting the files is the next problem you face while transferring them, which eventually takes quite a while to complete.Since no one can work like this for rest of their lives a new software occupying 2.2 MB of space has been developed, named NexusFile – Windows File Manager.

NexusFile Manager

The software is amazing in terms of usefulness since it allows you to perform a lot of tasks from a Single window. Similar softwares are also available in the market namely EFcommander etc which resemble a lot in terms of user interface but the number of features are less.

Key Features of NexusFile

  • Dual-Pane Interface file manager
  • Color coded file management
  • Easy copying or moving files between folder
  • Quick navigation to favorite folders
  • Changing file and folder attributes
  • Advanced renaming operations
  • 3 customizable color schemes – Black, Classic and Grey with transparency support and custom view styles
  • FTP transfers along with folder comparison and synchronization
  • File splitting and joining
  • Disk Cleanup
  • File shredding and much more


The software is capable of supporting Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and 2003 and it does not contain any adware or spyware.

Similar Software

Double Explorer, Free Commander

Download NexusFile

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