Windows Dual Monitor Display Software To Swap Screen, Dual Wallpaper & more

Windows lacks in one of the features for the users, i.e. they do not provide a good interface if the users want to go for using two monitor on their system. In others words I should say that while using multiple screen on Windows system it is not possible for the users to feel unrestricted as they felt while using the single screen on their system. But today we will be telling you about a list of small freeware with the help of which you can comfortably work on them, juts read further to know more about it.


Arranging the wallpapers, changing the primary screens frequently, deactivating any of the screen for a particular period of time and many more tasks cannot be done with an ease if you are working on any version of Windows, but now you will be able to do all of them as mentioned above with the help of some clicks and keys. Just take a look at all the freeware mentioned below in the list.

  • Swap Screen: As the name tells you that the screen can be easily swapped with the help of this tool, you may need it when you do not want to lose your focus from the screen by turning or moving your head, rather you will want the screen to get in front of your eyes. So with the help of some strokes, you will be able swap the screen from any one available on your system.
  • Dual Launcher: Now this tool will help you to launch any of your favorite listed application at the pre-stated configuration on the screens.
  • Dual Wallpaper: with the help of this tool you will be able to place common wallpaper for both the screen or you can place different wallpapers for all the other screens.
  • DisMon: If you have large number of application running on different screens on your system, then this tool help you to focus your attention easily by de-activating the screen as per your commands through keyboard. You want to see only screen at a time and remove all of the other then this toll will really help you.
  • Dual Snap: By the name you can get an idea that this tool can be used to take the screenshot of the window from your primary screen and then place it to another screen.

I hope that the tools mentioned above will solve your lots of problems which working with the dual screen on a Windows system, the link to download all the tools has been mentioned at the bottom of the post. Please let us know if you face any issue while working with them.

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