Windows Console Calculator For Solving Mathematical Problems With Predefined and User Defined Functions

A calculator is needed nowadays for every small and large calculations in every field. Normally calculator’s let you perform all the predefined functions like add(+), subtract(-),multiply(*), divide(/), modulo(%), exponent(^) which this one does too. In case you require a simple calculator for your Google chrome browser you can click here . But this calculator lets you perform the calculations on the basis of expressions like :

x = 50;

y = 100;

(5*x + 10*y)/10


Now that is a feature which is hard to find in the calculators. This calculator uses 26 registers of windows to store the values. It has 19 predefined functions and other user defined functions also. With Such a large number of registers that this calculator utilizes you can always perform a lot of user defined functions and store their values in memory registers (in total 26 from a – z)for utilizing it for further use in other functions. You can perform the Trigonometric calculations using all the standard angles like :sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan .

The other functions that are available are let you perform the calculations in both degree and in radians typing  “/r” in the command window will change your calculations to the radian set. Typing “/h” will open the help of the calculator for you.

The Math functions that are available are exp, ln, log, round, sqrt ,exponential(e). It also stores the last result of the calculation in the predefined variable called “last”. Using “=” operator you can assign the result of an expression to a variable which is stored in a memory register for later use like :

z = sin(90)/(5*log(10))



There are user defined functions also available with this calculator like :

def : name(a0, a1, a2………, a9)=expression. You can read about how to use them in detail in the help document available with software. There are some help and expressions shortcuts explained below :

/d – sets degrees as the angle unit

/r  –  sets radians as the angle unit

/h – help

/f – it displays user defined functions

/s – to show memory registers

/c – it is used to clear all registers and functions

/v – for saving

/l – load

/q – to quit (you can also use Control – C)

/s – show all the memory registers from a – z

and many more.

Click here to Download the Windows Console Calculator

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