Windows 8 Task Manager Looks Basic & Easy To Understand

Windows 8 have been all around the news since it was leaked out. Initial looks are quite similar to Windows 7 yet there is lot more to it in terms of functionality. Latest finding is the new user interface of task manager, which would provide greater control and information on the processes and services. Let’s look at the differences between existing and new task manger.

Task manager is an important part of Windows and have been evolving since its inception. In Windows XP it used to have 5 tabs i.e. Applications which tells about programs currently running, Processes which lists out all the processing currently running on the system, Performance which in graphical form shows the pattern and amount of CPU and memory usage on system, Networking tab shows the graphical representation and state of each of network present on the system and last was user which shows all the sessions by users connected to system. From Windows Vista onwards Services tab was added which allows users to start/stop any services currently running on system. Its new avatar in Windows 8 looks more intuitive and clean with only three tabs i.e. Programs, Startup and Users.

This is how Windows 7 Task Manager currently looks like

Task 2

This is the new UI For Windows 8 Task Manager


Apart from colorful listing of processes it’s also show whether an application/program is actively consuming memory or is in idle state. It seems to be  more user friendly in managing/killing applications. If you have downloaded and running Windows 8 then you can get this by just creating a 32bit value “TaskUIEnabled”, set its value to “1″ under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TaskUI.

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