Windows 8 Start Screen & Classic Start Menu Working Simultaneously

Windows 8 developer preview is live since some time, if you want to know more about windows 8 new features read our detailed article here or you can also read more articles like

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Or in case you would like to see windows 8 looks on your windows 7 system you should read the article below.

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Another most common problem faced by users using windows 8 is that it does have a classic start menu like windows 7, if you want to solve this issue read the article below.

Stop Windows 8 Start Screen To Launch When You Press Windows Key or Click Start Menu Button In Windows 8

above procedure will help you disable the windows 8 start screen and see a classic start menu but not both at the same time, but recently a new software called Windows 8 Developer Preview Tweaker program has been released 

9-27-2011 11-19-04 AM

which allows you to work classic start menu and start screen together in windows 8 side by side. It also allows you to change the start screen wallpaper and enable the windows 8 snap feature as well.

windows 8 snap feature snapshot

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