Windows 8 Metro UI Serves as Windows Explorer

Techno freaks keep on trying the new tools for their systems. And the ones which makes your work easier are liked by all. Here, I want to ask you: Are you bored of your Windows Explorer? Do you think why is it not changed when every application have some updates from time to time? So, I think you should try a better alternative with an amazing UI. The files you need should be available in a more presentable format. You can go through the availabilities below to enjoy these features and many more.

Immersive Explorer in a small freeware of 505 KB only. It is a portable tool and an alternative to windows explorer. It is based of the metro features guidelines. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


New Features as compared to Windows Explorer:

The file explorer have the ribbon option at the bottom with a wide variety of options. It displays all the files and folders in an informative blocks format rather than useless icons. For example the folder containing the pictures will display small pictures in place of icon. Apart from that you don’t have to open the pictures in a new window just to view them. Here pictures are displayed in Immersive Explorer itself. Similar options will be available for videos and other types of files.

The snapshot below shows an example of the utility: You can select any file and make the required changes from the options available in the ribbon below. There are also the forward, backward, paly and pause buttons. The pictures displayed in the immersive explorer presents the complete information along with it.


Configurations Required:

  • Window 7 or Windows 8.
  • The processor should be Core 2 Duo or better. Though it may be available for other versions as well in future.
  • The minimum ram size should be 1 GB.
  • .Net framework must be installed to run the utility.

Disadvantages of Immersive Explorer:

  • There is only one display format available and you cant change it.
  • The writing or editing features are not available.
  • There were many bugs and you might have to update it frequently. But the version available now is better.
  • Few options like branch view, file finder etc are not available.

Other Similar Tools:

  1. XYplorer: It is an another portable option to replace the windows explorer. It is a customizable UI with a wonderful file search option. The dual optional pane makes it more handy to use. The options like duplicate file finder, branch view, filters, batch rename makes it more useful. There are various other useful options presented by the utility.
  2. Xplorer2: This is also a customizable file explorer. It will always display the dual pane. The options life file management, search options and others are available but in the limited format.
  3. FreeCommander: The utility needs installation. But you can copy the installation file on CD or pen drive to use it in other systems. The dual pane presentation is better than other tools. Some unique features are file spitting, folder comparison and synchronisation and modify file attributes.


All these freewares are wonderful in their own way. Now while selecting you just have to take care of your requirements. If you want a latest presentation model with most of the details in the single and simple format, then Immerse Explorer is the tool designed for you. But if the file management is main aim as compared to explorer then you should go for XYplorer. Though Xplorer2 is also a good option and FreeCommander have some specific good features. Be careful while choosing. And don’t end with a very highly customizable tool as it will create more confusion with use.

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