Windows 8 Login Screen Screenshot Capture

Windows 8 developer preview has been recently announced, and if you have installed and tested windows 8 on your computer, previously we told you how to take capture, take snapshot of windows 7 login screen here

Today we found another utility which allows you take screenshot of windows 8 login screen, we tested the utility and it worked like a charm, this program is called Windows 8 Login Screen Capture as it is designed to work on windows 8 dev preview build but it should work on upcoming windows 8 builds.

9-28-2011 12-59-23 AM

The process of taking the screen shot of windows 8 login screen is very simple, first install this program

windows 8 login screen capture

then lock windows 8 by pressing windows key + L and then first move to login screen by vertically moving the lock screen wallpaper with mouse and then press Ease of access icon on the bottom left corner of the lock screen to press. For example I took the login screen capture of my test machine running windows 8 dev preview as shown in the image below.

windows 8 login screen screenshot

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