Windows 8 Initial Testing Screenshot Leaked

As soon as the new Windows is launched in the market, the production of another version of that OS starts simultaneously. Now, when Windows 7 took great shape in the market, people started talking about the new version of Windows which is going to be Windows 8, people got more curios when they saw Windows 7 to be a better option that Windows Vista and this curiosity lead to the leak of a build of Windows 8. In this post we will talk more about this leak which has recently happened.


You can see the screenshot of the OS right pasted above this paragraph, as per the looks I can say that there is not a huge difference in Windows 7 and Windows 8 but then there are many features which can known once you use this built. This built has been leaked and now you may find it on the torrent sites, but I will recommend that you should not go for using it as once the spammers get to know about this thing they will hesitate to use it for their own means.

You can visualize a small change in the appearance that is on the right hand side of the taskbar. The build has been leaked from the beta labs for the Microsoft, these labs are used to test the product. You can expect this version of Windows to be released by the beginning of the January 2013. Till, you can expect one more leak of this OS version.

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