Windows 8 Clock Screensaver For Windows 7

As we all know, that the next and the upcoming version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8 is already in news and users all over the world are waiting for it. It is for sure that it will definitely have lot more advanced features and functionalities then its earlier versions and also the look and feel will be slightly different as compared to the earlier versions of Windows. One of such different features in term of look and feel is logon screen and the other one is Clock and Logon Screensaver. To give an exact look and feel for this particular feature we are discussing here a similar styled Clock and logon Screensaver which has been specially developed for Windows 7 users.


W8Clock Logon Screensaver is a small, useful and a freely available app which allows you to get the Windows 8 style screensaver with clock in Metro style in your own Windows 7 operating system. There are various themes available with the app and all these themes for the screensaver are customizable. This small app can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after installing it in your system you may explore different features of this app. Among the several other features, it also provides an option to display the screensaver while Windows logon and also normal screensaver based on the user’s specifications. One more feature allows you to set the alarm using the app which may also prove to be pretty useful in some context. As mentioned earlier there is support for few themes which resembles the metro style UI.


Along with some of the features that are discussed above, we can also say that it is very easy to Install/Uninstall the app in your system with option to auto apply Screensaver and load settings. It has several themes for Background\Font Color\Time&Date Background which the user can configure according to one’s need and requirements. It also allows the user to configure the transparency settings for normal use, and also the transparency that is not supported for screensavers on Logon Screen and non-transparency will be used. You may observe that it displays Time\Date and Day of Week on the screen. User can configure whether he/she wants the time to be displayed in 12 Hour or 24 Hour Format and along with this user has an option to Show\Hide the Seconds.


So, with all the features mentioned above, you may observe that although it is a very small app but has several functionalities and you may observe that the screensaver definitely looks pretty simple and neat and the alarm function is added benefit.

Download W8Clock Logon Screensaver

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