Windows 7 Tip – Select Multiple Images As Desktop Background Wallpaper

I just found out that we can select multiple images and set them as desktop background in windows 7, no need to Open Windows 7 Control Panel >> Personalization to do this.

Please Note: Selecting multiple images should not be taken as setting multiple images as single desktop background, read on further to clear your confusion.

Select Multiple Images As Desktop Background Wallpaper means you can select multiple images in any folder and set them as series of changing desktop wallpapers.

For Example:

Navigate to Pictures >> Sample Pictures in user account in windows 7, and follow the procedure given below 

1. Ctrl+ click the multiple images which you want to see as desktop wallpaper one by one


2. That’s it Done, your windows 7 desktop wallpaper will now cycle in between the multiple images you just selected as desktop background, irrespective of any windows 7 theme you have currently applied.


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