Windows 7 Theme Based On Angry Birds Game

We have previously posted about different angry birds based theme for windows 7 released earlier including Windows 7 Angry Birds Theme with high resolution wallpapers and angry birds rio movie theme for windows 7. Now Rovio the company who developed angry birds have released a new official windows 7 theme for windows 7 at Microsoft official theme gallery which is a collection of large number of windows 7 themes 

The official angry birds theme is just 1.7 Mb in size and comes with official angry birds sounds as well which are applied to your system once you apply the theme, these sounds are taken from angry birds are set to login, logoff and startup, below are some snapshot we took after applying this theme on on test windows 7 machine.

7-1-2011 5-37-53 PM

7-1-2011 5-37-35 PM 

Download Angry Birds Official windows 7 theme from here and you can also download other new themes released recently with the angry birds theme on windows personalisation gallery including Age Of Empires, Birds of Prey, Kim Hana and Mabinogi shown in the image below.

7-1-2011 6-11-34 PM

Note: In order to apply any of these themes just double click to extract and apply them.

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