Windows 7 Taskbar Increase, Decrease Icon Size

Microsoft has made taskbar in Windows 7 more  easier, more flexible, and more powerful. The new option to pin any of the application in taskbar is very handy. The aero peek effects which shows the thumbnails of the open window is very useful feature which saves lots of time. But still many users across worldwide have asked one frequent question as how to show large icons in Windows 7 taskbar.

So today we are going to tell you a short tutorial for showing large icons on Windows 7 taskbar. This tutorial is very simple and will require only a few steps to be followed of which most of you must be not awarded with. Any novice user having little knowledge of computer can do this easily and quickly.

09-11-2010 19-19-06

This is the by default size of the icons of applications which you have added in your windows 7 taskbar. Now to increase their size simply follow the following steps.

Step 1 : First of all simply right click on your Windows 7 taskbar and then click on New Toolbar.

09-11-2010 19-25-53

When you click on New toolbar you will see a window as follow.

09-11-2010 19-26-35

Now here simply type %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch in the Folder box which I have highlighted above. Then click on Select folder. It will then immediately add Quick Launch toolbar to Taskbar.

09-11-2010 19-57-07

Step 2 : When you add quick launch toolbar, your taskbar gets automatically locked.

09-11-2010 20-02-14

So to unlock your taskbar, simply right click on your taskbar and then uncheck “Lock the Taskbar” option.

09-11-2010 20-01-53

After that you will see the dotted lines just adjacent to Start menu button and also just before Quick launch toolbar as shown below.

09-11-2010 19-59-23

Step 3 : Now put your cursor on Quick launch toolbar drag handle (i.e doted line at the beginning of quick launch toolbar) and then right click on it. then click on View-> Large Icons option.

09-11-2010 20-06-49

This will uncheck the Small Icons and will place the tick mark on Large Icons.

Step 4 : Now just drag the dotted link which is before quick launch toolbar to the left hand side and you will see the new large icons will be displayed instantly.

09-11-2010 20-11-02

This tutorial works on all the version of Windows 7. We just hope that you can easily follow the above steps and still if you face any issues, you can add your comments and we will try to resolve them.

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