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If you want to make a voice demo for something, record an audio lesson, an audio message and you are looking for a tool to record sound then you don’t have to worry because I have got one and its free.  Solway’s Audio Recorder is a very simple and free tool that can cater to your day to day sound recording requirements. you must be thinking why not use the windows sound recording instead of this tool but this tool will give you a lot of advantages over the windows sound recording like different formats of recording, three different quality levels for recording the sound and also you can choose your own Input device for recording as well.

Solway's Audio Recorder 2

This is the first screen that will open up after you install the Solway’s Audio Recorder and start it. The tool is really simple to use it has a Start button, Stop button and a pause button. Once you start recording using the Start button at any given point of time you can pause the recording by pressing the pause button and pause the audio file and when you need to finish recording your file you should press Stop. The tool let’s you record in three formats i.e. MP3, WMA or OGG. You can also select the quality of the audio clip from Low, High and Excellent.

The best feature of this software that you can record any sound that is played in your computer like from sound card, microphone, CD/DVD or a line in mic. The best feature of this software is that you can also record the sound from a video getting played in the Windows Media Player or a video that you are watching on the internet. You can also record the Radio Programs that are getting streamed on this tool. The software is very easy to use and light for the computer.

Solway's Audio Recorder 1

This is the window that you will get once you will click on Input button in the Main Window on the left hand corner. This window will let you select from the various sources that would be available at that particular time in your system to record the audio. This audio tool is tried and tested for all the version of Microsoft Windows i.e. Win2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and  Windows 7.

There is also one more audio recorder available you can also check that out in case you need variety its name is Sound Recorder.

Download Solway’s Audio Recorder.

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