Windows 7 Open Source Software Updater

We have several programs installed on our computers, and with time all these installed programs needs to be updated so that you can get the bug beings fixed in these programs and enjoy the new features being introduced. However updating all these programs one by one could be real pain as it is time consuming and requires to understand the software.

Seven Update is an advanced open source program for windows, which provides developers with an easy to use platform for update distribution and installation. It provides the program update through its clean and easy to understand interface.

Seven Update 

You can keep a track of updates being installed to programs on your computer by viewing the update history and you can also restore the hidden updates. If you don’t want some programs to be updated and some others to be updated you can specify by changing the settings.


Specify you preference of installing the updates once downloaded as shown in the image below just like you do for windows updates, you can choose which programs you want to update and which not.

Which Applications Can Be Updated ?

Virtually any application can be updated, but software developers can add their softwares very easily and release the updates in 2 minutes, right now following applications can be updated with this program

  • 7zip
  • Audacity
  • CCleaner
  • FileZilla
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema
  • WinRAR
  • VLC Media Player

Note – However there is a important features missing in this program that it does not tells you the size of the update to be downloaded on your machine, so that you can take the action as per your bandwidth constraints if any.

Download Seven Update  | Similar Softwares – Update Notifier

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