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With the regular changes and advancements in technology, we may observe that newer methodologies and ways are coming into the market for handling various tasks on the computer system. In the field of Operating System also, various changes have been made by Microsoft in their latest released version which was Windows 7. Although, it comes with a lot more improved taskbar which allows its users to combine Windows of the same application and that too with the ability to hide labels. On the one hand, it saves the screen estate and on the other hand it also allows the user to quickly switch between apps in a lot easier way. As said although it has improved a lot, but still the one feature which Windows 7 lacks in is the ability to arrange windows of user’s choice in a grid style which can be lot more useful for the user.

The feature about which we are talking is not a complex one and there is a possibility that not many users would find the need of such feature. But, on the other hand for many casual users, it becomes extremely useful when they want to do monitoring job or want to read the document while surfing website simultaneously. If you observe it closely then you may observe that in Windows 7, there is a way to instantly resize the windows with shortcut key. It is used to align the windows side by side or up and down horizontally, but this in only possible when you only have two windows as it doesn’t work out with more than 2 windows. But, the question is what if you want to stack up more than two windows?? The solution to this question is the app that we are going to discuss today.


MutiFrame is a small, easy to use and a freely available utility developed by Asus which is a pretty simple utility, and adds the option to quickly resize window to either corner or align vertically/horizontally even if the number of windows is more than 2. Along with the above mentioned feature, this utility also supports multiple desktops and mouse tracking features. While using this utility, you can access the option to resize window by simply hovering the mouse around the right corner of any windows that you want to resize.


You can download the utility from the link given below and it can be easily installed in few simple steps. Once installed, you may access the option to enable/disable the MutiFrame utility from the system tray. Apart from the above mentioned feature, the utility also offers to perform check for Monitor ID in multi monitor case or disable extended monitor as well.

So, overall it is a nice little utility which can give you a different feel and look altogether for your system. So, download it and explore its features on your own.

Download Asus MultiFrame Utility

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