Windows 7 Most Frequently Opened Folders

If we observe it closely than we may feel that in our computer system, there are only few folders which are used and accessed very frequently. Each time for accessing those folders we need to traverse the complete path for their location. One of the solutions for avoiding this complete traversing is by creating shortcuts for these folders on the desktop. But, if you don’t want your desktop to be filled up by folders and icons than you may choose this utility which we are going to discuss today. It will help you in the above mentioned scenario and will provide you with easy access for frequently accessed folders in your system.
MyFolders is basically a small, useful, easy to use and a very helpful utility which allows the users to add shortcuts for their frequently accessed folders in the context menu which can be used and accessed just by a single right click of the mouse. We may call it as the MyFolders Windows Explorer Shell Extension which you may then observe that saves you time by placing any folder at your fingertips as already discussed. Along with accessing these folders with a simple right click, it also allows you to copy or to move files to any other folders in just few clicks.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after using it for the very first time, you may observe that this utility enhances explorer’s right-click menu with several convenient options to access folders and for further more operations. This utility can be used for the many operations among the folders and the files present in those folders which includes “Copy to” option that as the name suggests is used to copy any of your selected files to one of your favorite folders so that they may be maintained easily. In the similar way it provides other options like Move to, Go to, Open command window and some other options. All these operations work according to their names mentioned above.


It can be observed after using this utility that MyFolders reduce your work and efforts to half as you won’t need to browse to the destination folder again and again. Few simple clicks on the files, will do the operations which you want to perform.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which can be used every day on our office and home computers for saving lot of time. You will come to know only after using it that how it saves us so much time messing around with Windows Explorer that it is one of the first things we install on a new PC and hence may improve our own efficiency.

Download MyFolders

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