Windows 7 Internet Connectivity Monitor + Download, Upload Speed, Data Tracker

Almost everyone who is using a computer today is surely using internet and number of people using windows is increasing by the day. When windows 7 was released quite a number of changes were made, one of which was that made to the network activity indicator in the system tray. Neither does it show any information on the data transfer or the current internet speed which you might sometimes need to know about to know the performance of your internet service provider.

Network activity indicator id a simple and portable freeware that provides you with added features in the network activity indicator icon which exists in your windows 7 system tray. It sits in the system tray and allows you to view detailed information on your internet connection whenever you choose to. There might be many uses of this application like, a person can always monitor his or her internet bandwidth and see to it that if there service provider is providing him with the internet speed that he was promised when he bought the connection.

Once you run the app it will reside in your system tray and when clicked it will show the network connected,its speed,number of packages sent and received and also the current upload and download bandwidth along with a handy representation of the bandwidth using a neat graph. The icon itself will show a change in pattern to indicate availability of a network if a download or upload is taking place. This becomes really helpful when you have to monitor the performance of you internet connection and at the same time you don’t want the application to disturb you. This application does exactly the same and it does the job for you while hiding itself in the system tray. All you have to do is click on the small icon whenever you want to have a look at it.

The utility of this tool exceeds its simplicity on your windows 7 when it comes to monitoring your network connections in the easiest of ways. With this application we are sure that you will be able to monitor your network performance with utmost ease and simplicity.

Download [ Windows 7 Network Activity Monitor ]

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