Edit Windows 7 Home Basic Edition Default Theme Color Change

If you are among those users who wants regular changes in their desktop backgrounds, themes, appearance and who wants to have fun with their PCs, then we can recommend one of the such fun utilities which can be used to change colours of your taskbar without having to change the theme of your computer. Although, earlier also you might have seen such utilities for changing colours and simply for fun, but this new and smart utility provides you with the feature which makes the whole process even easier and it automates the whole process of changing these colours.

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer is a simple and a automated utility which allows the user to change the colours of the taskbar along with various other features. In order to try it out, you simply have to download it from the link given below, then extract it into a folder somewhere, and finally launch it to make use of this utility. It provides you with the functionality by which either you may choose a colour or simply allow it to use the random colours by clicking on the Random button. Finally to see changes into effect, click the Apply button to change the taskbar colour.


If you want to choose your own colour, then it gives you the options from which you may select the colour you want. The colour picker which allows you to select these colours is basically a standard one, and from the large number of available colours you may choose any colour that you like to see as a colour of your taskbar. The application simply makes a copy of your wallpaper and puts it into a separate folder, rather in this process, the original wallpaper image is untouched and you can switch back to it anytime you want and reverts back all the changes made. For doing so, you need to just select the original wallpaper from the location where it is saved and just set it as your desktop background again.


Now, for changing the colours automatically, the application stores a copy of each colour that you try out, and for that you can open up the Desktop Background panel in Control Panel and select most or all of the different wallpaper copies. Then this utility will automatically let you shuffle between all of the wallpaper images on a regular basis, which will actually end up just changing the taskbar colour, since it’s the same wallpaper and you will feel like only the colour is changing.

So, just download it from the below given link and try out this utility merely for fun.

Download Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer [ Link Fixed ]

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