Windows 7 Hack – Enable DreamScene In Windows 7

DreamScene was one of the most amazing and resource heavy feature introduced with vista, but as it was a part of ultimate extra features pack. As a result it is not available with some versions of vista. We have written about several tweaks like how to enable or disable dreamscene in vista, a hack to run dreamscene in non ultimate version of vista and yet another way to run dreamscene in vista

Today we will tell you how you can enable dreamscene in windows 7, aminusdominusrex at deviant art has created a simple utility which lets you enable dreamscene in windows 7.

Here is how you can enable dreamscene in windows 7, follow the simple step by step procedure given below.

1. Download Windows 7 dreamscene enabler from this page and Extract the executable named Windows7-DreamScene, select it and then right click to run it as administrator or simply double click to run if you are the administrator. 

2. Once it starts running it will open up a command prompt which will install and enable dreamscene in windows 7, then after successful installation it will show like this as shown below.


3. Now right click on the empty area of your desktop and you will see a new entry as Play Dreamscene in the right click context menu.


4. It will also create a new folder for dreamscene, following is the path of the folder where you need to copy the dreamscene videos

C:\Windows\Web\Windows DreamScene

5. Now lets apply a dream scene in windows 7, download this cool dreamscene Seven Lights

6. Extract the dreamscene videos and optionally copy them to the dreamscene folder path given in step 4

7. Right click on any dreamscene video you extracted in step 6 and then select it to set it as desktop background, now you will see the dreamscene running on your desktop.


You can easily pause dreamscene just by right clicking on the desktop and then select Pause DreamScene, you can also set any dreamscene you copied in the dreamscene directory through Personalisation Themes >> Desktop Background in windows 7

 Download DreamScene For Windows 7 | Source: TheWindowsClub


  1. ghack2k says


    -right click a video and set to desktop background
    -set folder options to show hidden files
    -go to…
    C:\Users\#username#\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows DreamScene
    -there should be 2 image files of the dreamscene running (1 hidden/greyed)
    -set both files to “read only” & uncheck “hidden”
    -right click desktop > personalise > desktop background
    -under windows dreamscene, you should see both image files
    -make sure both are checked by clicking check boxes next to them
    -set Picture position: Fill
    -save changes

    NOTE: You can now set any dreamscene without text bug, however if you dont
    do the above procedure everytime you set a different video, you will briefly see the
    image of the first video you set at windows startup…therefore just delete both images
    that was set to “read only” and start procedure again on new video.

    Hope this helps

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