Windows 7 Explorer Tells You Which Program Has Opened The File You Are Trying To Delete

I was just trying to delete a file which was a shell extension causing the windows explorer crash every now and then, so I found the file and then was trying to delete it, but some how it does not got deleted by the delete command action and it gave this message that file is in use by some program running so it cant be deleted.

Previously in earlier versions of windows released before windows 7 including vista and xp, people can use the software called any file remover or remove on reboot as in earlier version of windows it does not used to tell you which program is using the file you are trying to delete, but in case of windows 7 it tells you which software or application is using the file you are trying to delete as shown in the image below.

windows tell which programs is using the file

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7-26-2011 1-15-16 PM

So as the windows itself tells you which program is using the file so you don’t need any external third party program to find it, you can get to know the program and then stop  the program to delete the file.

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