Windows 7 Command Prompt With Copy Paste & Tabs Support

Console present on the Windows system by default is less user friendly as compared to the Terminal of Linux, as you can open many tabs in it and you can increase or decrease the size of the font in the terminal and many more stuff can be done on Terminal as compared to a console. In this post we will tell you about a freeware which will help you to embed certain features in console thus making it easier for you to work on console, this freeware is helpful for the users who work on both OS.


You can see the screenshot where I have opened two tabs of console under that freeware, by default you might not see any tab in the freeware. You will have to enable the tabs by the option available under View. You can easily Copy/Paste any text from the console, similarly you can do many other switching to next tab, opening a new tab or closing the tab with the help of some Hotkeys. All these settings are defined under Edit option. The dialogue of these settings can be seen in the screenshot shown below.


The default keys to Paste anything in the console will be Shift + Insert, but as we all know that the keys mostly used for this purpose are Crtl+V, so you can change the setting of that Paste operation keys to Crtl+V. Similarly, you can change the keys for all the operation mentioned in the settings. You can also find a tool bar which available for mouse shortcuts, on this toolbar you will find that all the operations performed from hotkeys can also be done through here with the help mouse.

This tool can help you if you consistently work on Console everyday as it is not necessary to be in everyone’s computers or if you are addicted to Terminal of Linux OS. This tool is portable so you can save it on your cloud drive and then use it anywhere.Its size is around 1.5 MBs and it has been check on Windows 7, so if you face any issues then please let us know about it.

Download Console2

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